i'm not foul,
mr carson.
i'm not the same as you, but
i'm not foul.


Allen, Michelle and Rob at the ‘Britain Changing Faces Gala,’ this evening :)

HQ’s will be up on ALO shortly xx

“Rob James-Collier’s scheming servant — whom fans love to loathe — has been practically sidelined this season in favor of some sensational and silly story lines. We didn’t realize we’d miss Thomas (that’s Barrow to you) so much.”

Full story Doubting Thomas: ‘Downton Abbey’s’ love-to-hate character loses his charm (via pookiestheone)

   Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.


   Additional Thomas and Daisy scene. 
   Thanks zhugh37 for uploading the video (x)

Mrs Patmore is not what you’d call a futurist.


"Thomas tells Lord Grantham that he was Branson in the house with a woman"

Proofreading has always been the Daily Mail’s greatest strength.

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