i'm not foul,
mr carson.
i'm not the same as you, but
i'm not foul.


The Downton trailer came on and I paused it to show mum, and I DIDN’T NOTICE THIS BEFORE WHAT IS HAPPENING

Thomas Barrow in S5: Coming Out Narratives and Questioning Sexuality


I’m not about to go and condemn a whole plotline without seeing it in action—well, not unless it’s another unnecessary heterosexual love polygon with bland characters—and as we’ve seen today I have plenty of anxiety in my life to deal with without worry over what’s going to happen to my favorite fictional gay underbutler this season, but let me just say a few words about why it is important to me that Thomas has not struggled with his sexuality up until now, and why I would prefer that he continue not to do so.

[note that it’s been a long day and this is fairly late; it’s quite possible I’ll wake up in the morning having changed my mind about a lot of this]

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Thomas: Your ladyship, may I have the honor of this dance?
Violet: Yes, it is a waltz. I’m far too old for that awful Foxtrot.
Thomas: What about the Black Bottom, m’lady?

The Black Bottom was a racy flapper dance that mimicked spanking. The dance became popular after it appeared in the 1924 Irving Berlin musical Dinah and in the 1926 show Scandals of 1926. The dance even inspired songs like Jelly Roll Morton’s “Black Bottom Stomp”

Thomas & Jimmy in ITVs Downton Abbey Series 5 Trailers {x|x}
  • Carson: I know what you are.
  • Mrs. Hughes: Say it.
  • Mrs. Hughes: Outloud.
  • Mrs. Hughes: Say it!
  • Carson: A socialist.
  • Carson: [breaks down into sobs]


RJC filming at Bampton. X

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